RAISING THE BAR National Marketing
is What Sets Us Apart

We put our listings on a National stage unlike any other firm has before in the Southeast. We go to great lengths to ensure maximum visibility across all platforms of media Nationwide. Our approach takes a high level of skill and knowledge of the ever-changing digital and print marketing landscape. We don't cut corners.

Our marketing materials speak for themself and we've changed the way Plantations and high quality properties are bought and sold in the Southeast. We are on the cutting edge of an ever changing technological landscape and express all tangible, historical, and intrinsic values that your property has to offer to help achieve your financial goals.

Our Passion

Unabated Passion for the Land, Sporting Traditions
& Lifestyle, and Rich History

We live and breath the outdoor lifestyle and are servant leaders to Plantations and high quality land and landowners. We're passionate about these great lands, their traditions, their history, their exceptional wildlife and sporting opportunities. We concentrate our efforts on the very best.

The Brown Difference

Photography & Videography

First impressions are everything and the majority of land searches begin online. We take great pride in our presentation and all of our properties feature high quality professional photography, videography, and aerial footage.


Our website is the very best Plantation and high quality land website in the Southeast. We go to great lengths to ensure that it has maximum visibility online and the information is presented effectively to prospective buyers.

Social Media Presence

We understand the power of social media and provide exclusive content that keeps buyers engaged and coming back for more. Our platforms are the most effective and farthest reaching in our niche. We consistently provide worldwide exposure through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.

Evaluating Your Asset

Our team understands the wealth preservation aspects of owning land and we evaluate your property and improvements from a location, conservation easement, mitigation, ecological, wildlife, and timber perspective. We consider the intangible attributes of owning land like safety & security, historical values, sporting & recreational benefits.

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